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Flanagan to lead NYS Senate minority in 2019

North Country Public Radio - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 22:00
Senate Republicans suffered a seismic change election day. It was only the third time in the last century that Democrats took the majority in the chamber. Members of the diminished caucus met Friday in Albany to regroup. They promised they won’t give up the fight against Democratic priorities. They re-elected Sen. John Flanagan of Long Island as their leader, but not without a fight of his own. Nine senators voted for a challenge - Senator Cathy Young of Olean, in western New York.
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New York pilot program expands Medicaid coverage to doulas

North Country Public Radio - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 22:00
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York state's health department is launching a pilot program expanding Medicaid coverage to doula services in an effort to reduce childbirth complications for women and babies.
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Clinton County detox center now open for business

North Country Public Radio - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 22:00
The North Country has a new detox center to help people safely go through withdrawal from alcohol, heroin, and other drugs. The 18-bed Recovery Campus in Schuyler Falls, near Plattsburgh, helps fill a huge gap in services. At a ribbon cutting ceremony late last month, officials called the new facility "a beacon of hope."
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TWiT 693: Big Boy Easy Bake Oven

This week in tech - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 21:20
  • Facebook's latest crisis is... its reaction to its last crisis.
  • Waymo plans a driverless car service.
  • Amazon announces its new headquarters in Queens and North Virginia.
  • Google's "smart city" in Toronto gets some pushback.
  • Julian Assange has been charged with... something?
  • SpaceX gets approval to launch 7000 internet satellites.
  • Japan's cybersecurity chief is 100% unhackable - because he has never touched a computer.
  • Alphabet's Verily gives up on glucose-measuring contact lenses.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Brianna Wu, Larry Magid, and Georgia Dow

Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech


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Apartment complex caters to those battling mental illness

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 20:13

A new apartment building in central Ohio is helping those battling mental illness live alone and avoid the cycle of homelessness.

Kristi Williams says the option of living alone with access to support couldn't have come at a better time for her.

“I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder,” Williams said. “I was diagnosed in my mid-30s.”

That diagnosis left Williams often unable to work which made it difficult to maintain housing.

“For me it was an opportunity, I came from a homeless-shelter group home and this was something I just couldn’t believe was being handed to me.”

That opportunity was Laurel Green, a 40-unit apartment complex designed to offer supportive housing to those battling mental illness.

“Many people who end up in the hospital don’t necessarily have a place to go back to -- or a home,” Samantha Shuler, CEO of Community Housing Network said.

She says there is a great need for housing for those battling chronic homelessness because of mental illness. Shuler says the demand for an apartment at Laurel Green is high. There are currently more than 3,000 people on the waiting list.

“People are able to live independently, they sign a lease, but we make sure that house has a wraparound access to services to help them maintain the housing and recover and thrive,” Shuler said.

For Williams, she says the complex has already begun to serve its purpose.

“I just don’t know what I would have done without this,” Williams said. “I wake up every day and I’m so grateful. . . I am so grateful.”

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Sherrod Brown: 2020 Democratic candidates should focus on workers

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 19:36

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, who is considering a 2020 presidential run, said Sunday that a Democratic presidential candidate hoping to win Ohio should have a message aimed at workers and their needs.

The Ohio Democrat repeated in an interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he hasn't yet decided whether he will run, but said he believes more attention must be paid to workers.

"Too many people in this country work hard every day, pay their dues, never get ahead, don't have the kind of retirement security they need," Brown said.

The 66-year-old senator led all Ohio vote-getters Nov. 6 to win re-election to a third Senate term while Republicans swept other key statewide offices. Brown said he won because he talked about the dignity of work and of honoring people and respecting work.

Whether he runs or not, Brown said he hopes that message will become a part of the narrative among all of his Democratic colleagues who want to be president.

He believes a Democratic presidential candidate focusing on such a message could carry the state of Ohio.

"The Democratic Party has always been the party of 'we have your back,' of working families," he said.

The Cleveland Democrat has said previously that he is listening to calls for him to run from national Democratic Party figures as well as other politicians and labor leaders, but has not decided.

He declined to say Sunday when he might make a decision on a potential presidential candidacy, adding that he has "no real timetable."

"It's an intensely personal decision with my wife and my children," said Brown.

Josh Pasek, a political scientist at the University of Michigan, told The Associated Press this month that there are "a lot of competing visions" in the Democratic Party at this point, and it's not clear yet where Brown fits in.

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"At home, surrounded by family": Chris Bradley shares an update on his health

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 19:15

10TV Chief Meteorologist Chris Bradley announced Sunday that he's transitioning from palliative care to hospice care.

Chris was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in March of 2017.

In an update shared on his Facebook page, Chris explained that he has an aggressive form of Leukemia and that "we've simply run out of options to treat this disease."

In the Facebook post, Chris said that he's at home surrounded family.

"Jason and the kids have been so loving and devoted to my care all this time. Truly, we have fought this disease together. Our love for each other is so strong and saying goodbye has been excruciating for all of us," Chris wrote.

Read Chris Bradley's complete update below:

Dear friends,

It's difficult to write this post. I wish I had better news to share with you. After 21 months battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia, we've simply run out of options to treat this disease. I have an aggressive form of Leukemia and it is relentless and sneaky. We've done everything we could do to fight this beast. 5 rounds of chemo, a failed stem cell transplant, failed clinical trials and a failed immunotherapy trial.

I'm at home now, surrounded by my family. Jason and the kids have been so loving and devoted to my care all this time. Truly, we have fought this disease together. Our love for each other is so strong and saying goodbye has been excruciating for all of us.

I thank you for your continued prayers as I transition from palliative care at home to hospice care here at home.

I want to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown me and my family over the years. Both in sickness and in health. I've loved being a part of this community.

Our faith has seen us through many dark, scary times. Our faith sustains us, even now. I know my God and I know he is in control.

Please always remember that which we share in common is stronger than our differences. I am sincerely humbled to know I can call you all friends.

This photo was from the happiest day of my life, the day we married with our two kids right at our sides.

With much love,


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Harry Potter's world not going anywhere as "Fantastic Beasts" flies to top of box office

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 18:11

LOS ANGELES — "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" crawled, slithered and flew its way to the top of the weekend box office with a $62.2 million opening in the U.S. and Canada, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The latest offering from the Harry Potter multiverse fell short of the opening of the first film in the Warner Bros. series, 2016's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," which debuted with $74 million in a similar November release and went on to earn $234 million in the U.S. and Canada.

But all the Harry Potter films have had a broad international reach, and "Fantastic Beasts" had a hearty worldwide weekend gross, bringing in $191 million internationally for a total of $253 million, according to the studio's estimates.

"Clearly it's a huge phenomenon globally," said Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros.

Last week's top film, "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch," was second with $38.1 million, bringing its domestic tally to $126 million for Universal Pictures after two weekends. It took in $9.4 million more internationally.

"Bohemian Rhapsody," 20th Century Fox's Freddie Mercury biopic, is still rocking, taking third place with $15.7 million for a total of $127 million. It remains a global hit, bringing in an additional $45.5 million internationally.

"Fantastic Beasts," the second film in the series of Potter prequels written by J.K. Rowling and starring Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Jude Law, had a budget of $200 million. Its reviews were largely lackluster, with critics saying Rowling's magical world is wearing thin after 10 films.

Globally the first nine films have earned $8.5 billion, a total that this one's worldwide take will inflate.

"This is yet another example of a movie whose opening weekend skewed heavily into the international territories," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore. "This happens a lot with bigger franchise movies. For many of these blockbusters, it's the international component that comes in and saves the day."

In the U.S., Warner Bros. is hoping young devotees who are out of school will keep "Fantastic Beasts" in flight through Thanksgiving.

"It's a big week coming up," Goldstein said. "Friday is one of the biggest movie days of the year."

It will have a major challenger in Disney's "Ralph Breaks The Internet," which opens Wednesday, as does "Creed II."

"Fantastic Beasts" continues a year of high points and hits for Warner from a diverse string of movies, including "The Meg," ''Crazy Rich Asians," ''The Nun" and "A Star is Born."

"Warner Bros. is on a roll that every studio would envy," Dergarabedian said.

In this weekend's smaller-budget openings, "Instant Family" starring Mark Wahlberg brought in $14.7 million for Paramount Pictures, and "Widows," the latest from "12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen, earned $12.3 million domestically and $2.8 million internationally for 20th Century Fox. "Instant Family" has only opened in North America.

Overall, the weekend was down 14.5 percent in the U.S. and Canada from the same timeframe a year earlier, when "Justice League" made for a major pre-Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to comScore. Where available, the latest international numbers for also are included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," $62.2 million ($191 million international).

2. "Dr Seuss' The Grinch," $38.1 million ($9.4 million international).

3. "Bohemian Rhapsody," $15.7 million ($45.5 million international).

4. "Instant Family," $14.7 million.

5. "Widows," $12.3 million ($2.8 million international).

6. "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms," $4.7 million ($6.7 million international).

7. "A Star Is Born," $4.3 million ($5.5 million international).

8. "Overlord," $3.8 million ($2.6 million international).

9. "The Girl in the Spider's Web," $2.5 million ($2.8 million international).

10. "Burn The Stage: The Movie," $2.3 million ($5.2 million international).

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Canada), according to comScore:

1. "Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald," $191 million.

2. "Venom," $55 million.

3. "Bohemian Rhapsody," $45.5 million.

4. "Dr Seuss' The Grinch," $9.4 million.

5. "A Cool Fish," $8.1 million.

6. "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms," $6.7 million.

7. "A Star Is Born," $5.5 million.

8. "Burn The Stage: The Movie," $5.2 million.

9. "Intimate Strangers," $4.6 million.

10. "Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer," $2.8 million.

Follow AP Entertainment Writer Andrew Dalton on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/andyjamesdalton.

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Michael Bloomberg donates $1.8 billion to boost financial aid for low-income students at alma mater

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 17:57

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York and one of the world's richest people, is donating $1.8 billion to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, in an effort to boost financial aid for low- and middle-income students.

The university said the contribution — the largest ever to any education institution in the U.S. — will allow Johns Hopkins to eliminate student loans in financial aid packages starting next fall. The university will instead offer scholarships that don't have to be repaid.

In an op-ed published Sunday in The New York Times, Bloomberg said he was lucky to have attended the university, and could afford it thanks to a National Defense student loan and his job on campus.

"My Hopkins diploma opened up doors that otherwise would have been closed, and allowed me to live the American dream," he wrote. "I want to be sure that the school that gave me a chance will be able to permanently open that same door of opportunity for others."

University President Ronald Daniels said Bloomberg's contribution will also let the institution permanently commit to "need-blind admissions," or the principle of admitting the highest-achieving students, regardless of their ability to pay for their education.

"Hopkins has received a gift that is unprecedented and transformative," he said in a statement, noting the prestigious school was founded in 1876 by a $7 million gift from Baltimore merchant Johns Hopkins that was, similarly, the largest gift of its kind at the time.

By way of comparison, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Gates Millennium Scholars program in 1999 with a $1 billion commitment over 20 years. The Chronicle of Higher Education listed it as the largest private donation to a higher-education institution in the U.S. earlier this month.

Bloomberg said he expects the money will allow Hopkins to offer more generous scholarships and ease the debt burden for graduates.

"Denying students entry to a college based on their ability to pay undermines equal opportunity," he wrote in The Times. "It perpetuates intergenerational poverty. And it strikes at the heart of the American dream: the idea that every person, from every community, has the chance to rise based on merit."

The 76-year-old is the founder of the global finances services and media company, Bloomberg L.P. He graduated from Hopkins in 1964, served as New York mayor from 2002 to 2013 and has for years weighed running for president. Earlier this year, he said he was mulling a 2020 presidential run.

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Browns GM: Team not discussed Condoleezza Rice as coach

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 15:24

CLEVELAND — The Browns' coaching search isn't quite ready to cross gender or diplomatic lines.

General manager John Dorsey, who opened the possibility of hiring a woman to be Cleveland's next coach, said Sunday that the team has not discussed former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a candidate to become the club's ninth coach since 1999.

ESPN, citing an anonymous league source, reported that the team would like to interview Rice, an ardent Browns fan since childhood, for its coaching job.

However, Dorsey said she is not on the team's current list of candidates.

"Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a great leader, possesses the highest possible character and also happens to be a Browns fan," Dorsey said.

"I have the utmost respect and admiration for all she's accomplished and was honored to meet her for the first time earlier this season. Our coaching search will be thorough and deliberate, but we are still in the process of composing the list of candidates and Secretary Rice has not been discussed."

Earlier this week, Dorsey said he would consider a wide-range of candidates.

"I just want the best possible head coach to move this thing forward regardless of age," he said. "It could be a woman, too. I am serious. Who knows?"

The 64-year-old Rice would be an historic and outside-the-box candidate for the Browns, who fired Hue Jackson last month after he won just three games in two-plus seasons and went 0-16 in 2017.

There has never been a woman interviewed for a head coaching job in the NFL.

On her Facebook page, Rice professed her deep love for the Browns and said confidently, "I know they will hire an experienced coach to take us to the next level."

"On a more serious note, I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coaches," she wrote. "One doesn't have to play the game to understand it and motivate players. But experience counts — and it is time to develop a pool of experienced women coaches.

"BTW — I'm not ready to coach but I would like to call a play or two next season if the Browns need ideas! And at no time will I call for a "prevent defense."

Rice's last reference is common among die-hard Browns fans, who still bemoan then-coach Marty Schottenheimer's decision to play soft coverage in the 1986 AFC championship game when Denver quarterback John Elway drove the Broncos 98 yards to a game-tying touchdown in the final seconds. "The Drive" as it's known helped the Broncos beat the Browns 23-20 in overtime, denying Cleveland a trip to the Super Bowl.

Rice discussed her love for the team during a visit to the Browns' headquarters in 2010. Her passion for the Browns dates to her early years in Alabama, where she and her father watched games together and cheered for Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown on teams coached by Paul Brown.

Rice has become increasingly involved in sports, serving on the College Football Playoff selection committee and chairing a commission on college basketball.

She served as secretary of state under President George W. Bush from 2005-09.

Dorsey said interim coach Gregg Williams will be interviewed for the full-time position following the season.

The Browns have a bye this week and will face Cincinnati next Sunday, when they'll have a reunion sorts with Jackson, who was hired by the Bengals as a special assistant to coach Marvin Lewis.

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Ravens keep it on the ground, beat Bengals 24-21

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 14:54

BALTIMORE (AP) — Rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson juked and sprinted for 117 yards in his first NFL start, Gus Edwards ran for 115 and the Baltimore Ravens ground out a 24-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to end a three-game losing streak.

Flashing the moves that enabled him to win the 2016 Heisman Trophy at Louisville, Jackson zipped in and out of the pocket for 27 carries. Though the Ravens (5-5) relied heavily on the run, Jackson also completed 13 of 19 passes for 150 yards with an interception.

"We came out with a win, so it was pretty good, I guess," Jackson said. "I had butterflies before the first tackle, but after the first tackle it was game on."

Ravens starting quarterback Joe Flacco did not practice all week and was inactive with a right hip injury. That created an opening for Jackson, the 32nd overall pick in the NFL draft.

"I thought he played spectacular," coach John Harbaugh said. "I thought he played winning football."

Before Sunday, the former Louisville star occasionally took snaps in running situations and replaced Flacco in the fourth quarter of two blowouts. Having to carry the load by himself, Jackson responded with a solid performance in a game the Ravens had to win.

"We weren't able to get him stopped enough," said Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who took the reins of the defense after firing coordinator Teryl Austin on Monday.

Down 21-13 in the second half, Baltimore rallied to hand the sinking Bengals (5-5) their fourth loss in five games.

Edwards, an undrafted rookie free agent, scored on an 11-yard run and barreled in for the conversion late in the third quarter. Jackson then directed a 55-yard drive that ended with a field goal by Justin Tucker with 8:12 remaining.

"My teammates had my backs, and I had theirs," Jackson said.

Cincinnati's Randy Bullock missed a potential tying 52-yard field goal with 3:59 left, and Andy Dalton's fourth-down pass from the Baltimore 37 with 1:42 to go was knocked away by Marlon Humphrey.

This was a tough defeat for the Bengals, who were soaring at 4-1 in October but now stand at .500 for the first time.

"I thought they played hard. I though they played better and did a good job on assignments," Lewis said.

After Cincinnati allowed 500 yards in three straight games, an NFL record in the Super Bowl era, Lewis took control of the unit. The Bengals were much better this time around, although success came at the expense of an inexperienced quarterback who had thrown 12 passes in the NFL before Sunday.

Jackson ran 10 times for 64 yards and five first downs, Alex Collins scored on a 7-yard run to cap the opening drive, and the Ravens took a 13-7 halftime lead when Tucker drilled a 56-yard field goal.

It all came apart for Baltimore in the third quarter. Jackson threw his first NFL interception, a pick by Shawn Williams, whose 22-yard return set up a 4-yard touchdown pass to tight end Matt Lengel for a 14-13 lead.

On the next series, Jackson was stuffed on a fourth-and-1 from the Baltimore 45. Dalton turned the gamble into a touchdown, hitting John Ross on the right side of the end zone for a 22-yard score.

But the Ravens rallied.


Also on Sunday, Robert Griffin III made his debut with Baltimore after being on the inactive list for the first nine weeks. Griffin lined up as a receiver in the second quarter but did not touch the ball.


The Ravens improved to 9-2 after a bye under Harbaugh, and they're 14-3 since 2002 following an extra week off.


Bengals: WR A.J. Green (toe) was inactive after dressing for warmups.

Ravens: OT James Hurst (back) was inactive for a fourth straight week. ... OT Ronnie Stanley twice limped off the field. He's had ankle issues lately.


Bengals: A matchup next Sunday against visiting Cleveland should be particularly meaningful for former Browns coach Hue Jackson, hired as an assistant by Cincinnati on Tuesday.

Ravens: A three-game homestand concludes for Baltimore against the struggling Oakland Raiders.

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OSHAA releases state semifinal pairings

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 13:30

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association has announced the pairings and neutral sites for the football state semifinals November 23 and 24.

The winners will advance to the state championship games at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton November 29, 30 and December 1.

All games will kick off at 7 p.m.. Division I, II, III and VI games are on Fridays. Division IV, V and VII games are on Saturdays.

Home team listed first. Pairings include AP state rank and record.

Division I – Games at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23

Powell Olentangy Liberty (9-4) vs. 9 Lakewood St. Edward (9-3) at Mansfield Arlin Stadium

8 Pickerington Central (11-2) vs. 1 Cin. Colerain (13-0) at Piqua Alexander Stadium

Division II – Games at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23

6 Cin. Winton Woods (12-1) vs. 3 Massillon Washington (13-0) at Gahanna Lincoln Wilbur C. Strait Field

1 Akron Archbishop Hoban (13-0) vs. 8 Avon (12-1) at Brunswick Auto Mart Stadium

Division III – Games at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23

1 Kettering Archbishop Alter (12-1) vs. Norwalk (10-3) at Wapakoneta Harmon Field

7 Cols. Eastmoor Acad. (12-1) vs. 4 Chagrin Falls Kenston (12-1) at New Philadelphia Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium

Division IV – Games at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24

5 St. Marys Memorial (12-1) vs. 1 Cin. Wyoming (13-0) at Piqua Alexander Stadium

Girard (12-1) vs. Newark Licking Valley (10-3) at Dover Crater Stadium

Division V – Games at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24

8 Liberty Center (12-1) vs. Orrville (11-2) at Sandusky Perkins Firelands Regional Medical Center Stadium

4 Johnstown-Monroe (12-1) vs. 3 Wheelersburg (12-1) at Jackson Holzer Field at Alumni Stadium

Division VI – Games at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23

Beverly Fort Frye (12-0) vs. 1 Kirtland (13-0) at Massillon Jackson Robert Fife Stadium

Attica Seneca East (12-1) vs. 3 Maria Stein Marion Local (12-1) at Lima Spartan Stadium

Division VII – Games at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24

4 Fort Loramie (12-1) vs. 6 McComb (12-1) at Wapakoneta Harmon Field

Cuyahoga Heights (11-2) vs. Glouster Trimble (12-1) at Sparta Highland Fishburn Family Field at Covrett Stadium

Welcome to the State Semifinals

The 2018 OHSAA football playoffs have reached the state semifinals, as 28 schools have advanced to week 14. The OHSAA has selected neutral sites for these 14 games and the winners will advance to next weekend’s state championship games at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton.

State Championships Schedule

The state championship games stay in Canton this year at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. One division will be selected to play its state championship game at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 29. Then there will be three state championship games on Friday, Nov. 30, followed by three championship games on Saturday, Dec. 1. Game times on Friday and Saturday are 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. The divisional assignments will be announced after the state semifinal games.

Ticket Information

Fans are encouraged to buy their playoff tickets in advance at the participating schools, which keep a percentage of the revenue. For state semifinal games, tickets are $9 presale and $10 at the gate. regional playoff games, tickets are $8 presale and $9 at the gate.

All-session ticket books for the state championship games are on sale. The top tier ticket option includes indoor access in the stadium club during and between games. A premium parking pass is also available for sale. Access to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is included with some ticket packages.

Noting the State Semifinalists

Four teams are making their first football state final four appearance this year, including Girard (Div. IV), Attica Seneca East (Div. VI), Beverly Ft. Frye (Div. VI) and Ft. Loramie (Div. VII). Of note, Seneca East had not won a playoff game prior to this season.

Four other teams are making a return trip to the final four for the first time in a long time: Norwalk (last appearance in 1974), Chagrin Falls Kenston (1995), Liberty Center (2000) and St. Marys Memorial (2004). Speaking of Norwalk, after winning a state title in 1974, the Truckers went 29 years before qualifying for the playoffs again (2013).

Five of this year’s semifinalists are in the double-digits for state semifinal appearances, including Lakewood St Edward (10th), Massillon Washington (12th), Kettering Archbishop Alter (11th), Orrville (10th, Maria Stein Marion Local (17th). Newark Catholic is the leader in that category with 25 final four appearances.

Semifinalists by Final State Rank

Of the 28 state semifinalists, 19 appeared in the final Associated Press state poll. Five of the seven teams that won poll championships are still playing, including Cin. Colerain (Div. I), Akron Archbishop Hoban (Div. II), Kettering Archbishop Alter (Div. III), Cin. Wyoming (Div. IV) and Kirtland (Div. VI). The final AP polls appear on page 8 of this packet. Last year, three teams ranked No. 1 in the final poll went on to win a state title – Trotwood-Madison (Div. III), Steubenville (Div. IV) and Maria Stein Marion Local (Div. VI).

The last unranked team to win a state title was Minster in Division VII in 2017.

Division II is the only division in which all four state semifinalists were ranked in the final AP poll. Meanwhile, there are two state semifinal matchups in which neither team was ranked in the final poll. They are:

Div. IV - Girard (12-1) vs. Newark Licking Valley (10-3)

Div. VII - Cuyahoga Hts. (11-2) vs. Glouster Trimble (12-1)

State semifinalists not ranked in the final AP poll include Powell Olentangy Liberty (Div. I), Norwalk (Div. III), Girard (Div. IV), Newark Licking Valley (Div. IV), Orrville (Div. V), Beverly Fort Frye (Div. VI), Attica Seneca East (Div. VI), Cuyahoga Hts. (Div. VII) and Glouster Trimble (Div. VII).

Still Perfect

There are six undefeated teams still alive in the playoffs, but there is only one state semifinal game that features two undefeated teams facing each other. In Division VI, Beverly Fort Frye (12-0) takes on AP #1 Kirtland (13-0).

Division II Déjà Vu

The four Division II state semifinalists—Akron Archbishop Hoban, Avon, Massillon Washington and Cincinnati Winton Woods — are all repeat qualifiers from 2017. In last year’s state semifinals, Hoban defeated Avon 30-6, and Winton Woods defeated Massillon Washington 56-21. Hoban went on to defeat Winton Woods 42-14 in the Div. II state championship game in Canton.

Noting the Division VI Match-ups

The Division VI semifinal match-ups both feature newcomers vs. experience. Kirtland, which has been in the semifinals seven of the last eight years (and won three state titles) takes on Beverly Fort Frye, which is making its debut appearance and had won only three playoff games in school history prior to this season. In the other semifinal, Maria Stein Marion Local, which has been to the state semifinals 17 times and owns 10 state titles, faces Attica Seneca East, which had never won a playoff game prior to this season.

State Semifinalists by Seed

Only two of the 14 state semifinal games feature No. 1 seeds facing each other. They include:

Div. II - 1 Cin. Winton Woods (12-1) vs. 1 Massillon Washington (13-0)

Div. V - 1 Johnstown-Monroe (12-1) vs. 1 Wheelersburg (12-1) at

The following seeds have advanced to the state semifinals:

No. 1 seed – 12

No. 2 seed – 5

No. 3 seed – 3 (Avon, Marion Local, Trimble)

No. 4 seed – 3 (Olentangy Liberty, Norwalk, Eastmoor Acad.)

No. 5 seed – 2 (Girard, McComb)

No. 6 seed – 1 (Pickerington Central)

No. 7 seed – 2 (St. Edward, Licking Valley)

No. 8 seed – 0

All information provided by the Ohio High School Athletic Association

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Beat Michigan Week in full swing

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 12:33

Beat Michigan Week is like Christmas a month early for big Buckeye fans.

"It's the highlight of football season," said Athena Lowe, a freshman.

Red slashes through all the M's on campus hypes up students and enthusiasts before the game against That Team Up North.

"I like it," said Grayson Bair, an 8-year old fan. "'Cause ... I hate Michigan."

Beat Michigan Week hosts different events every day including a competitive blood drive and community service.

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Ohio State moves down to No. 10 in latest AP college football poll

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 11:22

Army is ranked for the first time since 1996, moving into The Associated Press college football poll at No. 23 as it begins preparations to face rival Navy on Dec. 8.

The Black Knights (9-2) have been edging toward the Top 25 in recent weeks, and they finally broke through on Sunday. The rankings were mostly unchanged after a weekend with few big games or surprising results.

Led by unanimous No. 1 Alabama, the top six stayed the same as last week. Clemson was No. 2, followed by Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Washington State moved up a spot to No. 7 and UCF jumped three spots to No. 8, season highs for both schools. LSU tied Central Florida at No. 8 and Ohio State was 10th.

Also debuting in the Top 25 this season is Pittsburgh at No. 24.

Army being ranked has been a rarity since the early 1960s. From 1963-2017, there have been only two seasons in which the Black Knights appeared in the AP Top 25. In 1985, Army was No. 19 for one week on its way to a 9-3 season. In 1996, Army went 10-2 and was ranked in four of the final five polls of the season. The Cadets finished 25th that season.

Army managed just one winning record from 1997-2015. But under coach Jeff Monken, who took over in 2014, Army has had three straight winning seasons. The Black Knights head into the Navy game looking for a third straight victory against the Midshipmen and a second consecutive 10-win season.

The Cadets are on a seven-game winning streak since losing in overtime at Oklahoma on Sept. 22.


Army and Pitt became the 52nd and 53rd teams to be ranked this season, setting a record for the most ranked teams since the poll expanded to 25 in 1989. The previous high was 51 teams ranked in 2008.

The Panthers, who were 3-4 and 0-3 vs. ranked teams on Oct. 7, are ranked for the first time since Dec. 4, 2016. They have won four straight to win the Atlantic Coast Conference Coastal Division and earn a trip to the league championship game for the first time.

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 17, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:





1. Alabama (61)

11-0 |

1525 |


2. Clemson

11-0 |

1455 |


3. Notre Dame

11-0 |

1412 |


4. Michigan

10-1 |

1327 |


5. Georgia

10-1 |

1288 |


6. Oklahoma

10-1 |

1182 |


7. Washington St.

10-1 |

1149 |


8. LSU

9-2 |

1064 |


8. UCF

10-0 |

1064 |


10. Ohio St.

10-1 |

1019 |


11. Texas

8-3 |

856 |


12. West Virginia

8-2 |

822 |


13. Florida

8-3 |

707 |


14. Utah St.

10-1 |

667 |


15. Penn St.

8-3 |

659 |


16. Washington

8-3 |

631 |


17. Kentucky

8-3 |

508 |


18. Utah

8-3 |

491 |


19. Syracuse

8-3 |

427 |


20. Northwestern

7-4 |

307 |


21. Boise St.

9-2 |

287 |


22. Mississippi St.

7-4 |

260 |


23. Army

9-2 |

176 |


24. Pittsburgh

7-4 |

129 |


25. Iowa St.

6-4 |

123 |


Others receiving votes: Fresno St. 100, NC State 45, Cincinnati 43, Missouri 34, Texas A&M 29, Auburn 11, Stanford 8, Iowa 8, UAB 5, Houston 3, Wisconsin 2, Buffalo 1, Troy 1.

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Disney celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse with the launch of The Mickey Classics Collection

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 07:43

DETROIT, Nov. 16, 2018 -- Shinola and Disney are pleased to announce the launch of the Mickey Classics Collection, a capsule collection that honors 90 years of Mickey Mouse. The collaboration is part of "Mickey the True Original," a global celebration of Mickey's heritage, personality and status as a pop-culture icon.

Since his big-screen debut in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928, Mickey continues to serve as the global ambassador for The Walt Disney Company. From the beloved Mickey Mouse Club to today's Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts, the character's optimistic outlook and endearing personality continue to delight fans around the world.

"Shinola is a company that believes in celebrating American success stories," said Shannon Washburn, President of Shinola. "We are proud to join Disney in honoring the magic of Mickey Mouse while also commemorating the five-year anniversary of our flagship watch, the Runwell."

Mickey Classics is a collection of limited-edition and special-edition Shinola Runwell timepieces, leather goods, audio equipment, wall clocks and journals showcasing Mickey Mouse.

We are offering five limited-edition Runwell timepieces featuring illustrations by Disney's character artist, Jeff Shelly. Each illustration is drawn specifically for these five Shinola watches, inspired by iconic Mickey Mouse moments such as the character's appearance in Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. Limited to 90 timepieces per style in honor of Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary, each Runwell comes with one of five framed original sketches of Mickey Mouse, as well as a special-edition Shinola sketchbook with a "How to Draw Mickey" instructional booklet.

Additionally, both the leather Runwell backpack—which includes a hand-stitched leather appliqué of Steamboat Willie—and the leather tech portfolio are lined with a "How to Draw Mickey" illustration.

The Mickey Classics journals feature a flip book that animates a scene from The Nifty Nineties (1941) created by Disney legend Fred (Freddie) Moore, whose design and animation of the spunky little star is considered seminal in Mickey's career.

The Shinola x Disney Mickey Classics collection will be available on November 16, at Shinola.com and in Shinola stores, Disney stores, and select specialty retailers. Prices range from $28 for a journal to $2,500 for a Shinola Runwell Turntable.

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Police searching for man who stole box trailer from driveway

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 07:22

COLUMBUS-- Police are searching for a man who stole a box trailer from someone's driveway on Sunday, Nov. 11.

At approximately 6:45 a.m., an unknown male driving a light colored Chevy Trail Blazer SUV entered the driveway of a homeowner on Fox Hollow Drive and cut the lock off the trailer.

The suspect then attached the trailer to his vehicle and drove away.

The trailer is described as a Cargo Express, black, 6 feet, 10 inches, 7 feet in height, V-nose front end, man door on the passenger side, drop-down rear door.

The owner of this trailer stated that the passenger side fender of this trailer has a noticeable dent and the front of the trailer has diamond plating 1/3 of the way up the front of the V-nose.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest and/or indictment of the person(s) responsible for this crime. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477) or go to their website at www.stopcrime.org and e-mail your tip.

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Coroner to perform autopsy on inmate found unresponsive in Richland County Jail

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 06:55

RICHLAND, Ohio-- The Richland County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of an inmate found unresponsive in the Richland County Jail Saturday morning.

Joseph Estill Breeze was found by another inmate who told correctional staff about his condition.

Breeze was rushed to OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The cause of death is still unknown and the sheriff's office said it will not speculate.

Breeze was incarcerated in the Richland County Jail on August 27 on a felony warrant from a probation violation.

This incident remains under investigation.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden adopts new dog

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 06:39

WILMINGTON, Del. — Former Vice President Joe Biden has a new four-legged family member.

The Delaware Humane Association said Saturday that Biden and his wife, Jill, have adopted a 10-month-old German Shepherd named Major.

Director of Animal Care Kerry Bruni said the Bidens had been providing foster care for the dog in their home for several months and were ready to make the adoption official.

Bruni said the former vice president reached out to see if he could help after the association posted on social media earlier this year that it had received a litter of sick German Shepherd puppies.

Biden recently returned to the campaign trail to stump for Democratic candidates and has said he expects to decide whether to seek the 2020 presidential nomination by early next year.

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AMSAT’s Fox-1Cliff CubeSat Launch Delayed

ARRL News - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 05:54

AMSAT has announced that the SpaceX Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express launch carrying the Fox-1Cliff Amateur Radio CubeSat and several other Amateur Radio payloads has been delayed. SpaceX tweeted, “Standing down from Monday’s launch attempt of Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express to conduct additional pre-flight inspections. Once complete, we will confirm a new launch date.”

Fox-1Cliff and othe...

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5 people injured in north Columbus crash

Channel 10 news - Sun, 11/18/2018 - 05:31

COLUMBUS-- Five people were injured in a crash early Sunday morning, according to Columbus Police.

It happened around 2:15 a.m. at the intersection of E. 26th Street and Cleveland Avenue

CPD dispatchers told 10TV, one person is in critical condition, two others are in serious condition and two are expected to be OK. They were all taken to nearby hospitals.

Stay with 10TV and 10TV.com for updates on this story.

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