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Marion police officers buy gifts for single mother of 3

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 11:27

MARION, Ohio-- Members of the Marion Police Department got into the Christmas spirit Monday night.

One officer arrived at a parking lot to help a woman who was locked out of her car, according to the police department's Facebook page.

While unlocking the vehicle, the woman told the officer she is a single mother of three and had no gifts for her children.

After hearing her story and unlocking the car, the officer took the mother shopping for the presents she needed. Other officers heard the story and chipped in to save the woman's Christmas, as well.

The police department told the story in their own words on Facebook:

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the streets, there were hardworking officers patrolling their beats.

The dispatchers were taking phone calls from their lair, with a promise that officers soon would be there.

But this night is special and its not all about crime, with an assurance that we will deliver each time.

For a mother had locked her keys in her car, so quickly Lt. Shade came from afar.

He entered that capsule as quick as a flash, and listened to her Christmas Eve story so not to be rash.

Being a single mother of three it can be hard to get by, and these are the stories that put tears in our eyes.

The front lines are filled with need and with pain, a constant reminder our job's not in vain.

Hearing the heartbreaking tale she had no gifts for home, Lt. Shade acted and he wasn't alone.

He took this mom shopping and filled up her cart, he put it all on his card and that's just the start.

The other officers chipped in because we are never alone, and beneath the glistening streetlights their true hearts were shown.

Some of us were kids too with Mom's who had struggles, and the only gift she could afford were her tear laden snuggles.

So on this day- this crew had paid the gift forward, in a beautiful way which required no word.

Their act had surely made 3 children smile, and allowed this brave mother to climb one extra mile.

It is our lasting endevour to be a beacon of light, with good tidings to you on this Christmas Eve night.

We are proud of our Christmas Eve crew for their kindness, compassion and benevolence. THIS IS YOUR Marion PD and we couldn't be more proud. Wishing peace and safety to all who patrol a beat tonight or perform some necessary service which separates them from home. You are all appreciated by many! #MarionMade #MarionProuD

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Trump offers holiday greetings to US troops

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 10:29

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday wished U.S. troops stationed around the country and the world a merry Christmas.

"I know it's a great sacrifice for you to be away from your families, but I want you to know that every American family is eternally grateful to you, and we're holding you close in our hearts, thoughts and prayers," Trump said. "We love what you do and love your work. Amazing people."

President Trump spoke by video conference to members of all five branches of the U.S. military.

The president was spending a rare Christmas in Washington because of a stalemate with Congress that left several government departments and agencies shuttered since the weekend, affecting the livelihoods of some 800,000 federal employees.

President Trump usually spends Christmas at his Florida estate. He scrapped plans to travel to Palm Beach because of the shutdown.

"I thought it would be wrong for me to be with my family," he told reporters in the Oval Office after the give and take with members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard from their stations in Guam, Bahrain, Qatar and Alaska.

"My family is in Florida, Palm Beach, and I just didn't want to go down and be there when other people are hurting," Trump said. He didn't say which family members were at the Mar-a-Lago estate.

The president and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, had an active Christmas Eve.

They answered telephone calls from children who were wanted to know where Santa was on his gift-giving journey, with the president at one point asking a 7-year-old named Coleman, "Are you still a believer in Santa?" President Trump listened for a moment before adding, "Because at 7, it's marginal, right?"

Reporters in the room could only hear the president's end of the conversation during the NORAD Tracks Santa program. The program became a Christmas Eve tradition after a child mistakenly called the forerunner to the North American Aerospace Defense Command in 1955 and asked to speak to Santa.

It was not affected by the shutdown because it's staffed by volunteers at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado using pre-approved funding.

The Trumps later attended religious services at Washington National Cathedral. He and the first lady usually attend Christmas Eve services at the Episcopal church in Palm Beach where they were married in 2005.

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GoFundMe says donors to homeless man refunded

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 10:05

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. — GoFundMe says it has issued refunds to everyone who contributed to a campaign involving a homeless veteran from Philadelphia who prosecutors allege schemed with a New Jersey couple to scam donors out of $400,000.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said Tuesday that "all donors who contributed to this GoFundMe campaign have been fully refunded." He said the organization is cooperating fully with law enforcement.

Burlington County prosecutors allege that Johnny Bobbitt conspired with Katelyn McClure and her boyfriend at the time, Mark D'Amico, to concoct a feel-good story about Bobbitt's giving McClure his last $20 when her car ran out of gas.

rosecutors say the couple actually spent the money on luxury items and casino trips. McClure has alleged she was duped by D'Amico, whose lawyer denied the allegations.

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump share Christmas message

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 10:01

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump sent a Christmas message from the White House Twitter account Tuesday morning.

"We come together with family and friends to spread hope, love, compassion, cheer, and goodwill," said Melania Trump.

"This wonderful season brings out the best in the American spirit, and we see neighbors helping neighbors and communities lifting up those who need a helping hand," said President Trump.

Merry Christmas from President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS! pic.twitter.com/DDITJDxDaI

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) December 25, 2018

They both attended a service at Washington National Cathedral on Christmas Eve.

President Trump most likely would have been attending Christmas services at a church near his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

But he scrapped plans to head to Florida for the holidays after parts of the government were forced to shut down indefinitely in a stalemate with Congress.

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Cincinnati Zoo welcomes baby tamandua

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 08:17

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Zoo has welcomed a baby tamandua.

Zoo officials announced Christmas Eve that the pup was born to first-time mother Isla on Dec. 20. They say the baby tamandua needs to develop and won't make its public debut for another couple months.

Tamanduas have long snouts and are similar to anteaters. Experts say the mammals can eat up to 9,000 ants in a day.

Interpretive Animal Keeper Colleen Lawrence says the zoo had performed weekly ultrasounds on Isla since August. Lawrence says tamanduas can be pregnant for up 190 days.

Zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley says the caretakers will name the baby tamandua after they learn the sex of the animal.

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Doctors recommend nearly 4,500 in medical marijuana registry in Ohio

Channel 10 news - Tue, 12/25/2018 - 07:18

COLUMBUS, Ohio — State officials say doctors have submitted nearly 4,500 recommendations in the medical marijuana patient and caregiver registry for Ohio.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced on Monday that the number of recommendations now totals 4,440, with at least 3,036 people completing the information online and activating registration e-cards.

The registry is the online portal where doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana can register patients and caregivers. It went live Dec. 3.

After the state confirms who they are, recommended patients and caregivers can get registration e-cards. The cards allow them to get medical marijuana from dispensaries once they open.

Medical marijuana is expected to be ready over the next few weeks or months.

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