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Instagram co-founders stepping down from Facebook

Channel 10 news - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 03:25

The co-founders of Instagram said Monday they had stepped down from Facebook, which acquired the photo-sharing app in 2012. CEO Kevin Systrom said in a statement on Instagram's website that he and Chief Technical Officer Mike Krieger are "planning on taking some time off to explore our curiosity and creativity again."

"We've grown from 13 people to over a thousand with offices around the world, all while building products used and loved by a community of over one billion," Systrom's statement said. "We're now ready for our next chapter."

In a statement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Systrom and Krieger "extraordinary product leaders."

"I've learned a lot working with them for the past six years and have really enjoyed it. I wish them all the best and I'm looking forward to seeing what they build next."

The news was first reported by The New York Times.

Founded in 2010 by Stanford University graduates Systrom and Krieger, Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing service into a popular photo app used by more than 1 billion people each month, according to CNET.

Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, one month before the company went public. Since then, it has been considered one of the social media network's most successful acquisitions.

Facebook has been mired in controversy since the 2016 elections. U.S. intelligence agencies have said that Russian actors used Facebook and Instagram to wage a campaign of disinformation in the election. In February, the Department of Justice issued indictments against 13 Russian nationals of breaking U.S. laws to interfere in the 2016 election.

And earlier this year, Zuckerberg was forced to testify before Congress after admitting data firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked on the presidential campaigns of President Trump and Ted Cruz, had stolen data from as many as 87 million Facebook users.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the founder of WhatsApp, the global messaging service Facebook acquired in 2014, Jan Koum, said he was leaving the company. According to reports at the time, Korum expressed concern over Facebook's "attempts to use its personal data and weaken [WhatsApp's] encryption."

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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Chrome 69 Privacy Issues #1315 - Geek News Central

Geek News Central - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 00:18

chrome 69Chrome 69 opens up a quagmire of possible privacy issues without Google really explaining why they are logging users into the browser now by default. As one columnist said trust is not a renewable resource. Our online privacy continues to be whacked away little but little yet nothing is being done to protect consumers and we will soon reach if we have not already a tipping point. I continue to experiment with the new streaming setup and so far minus a few hiccups the system seems to be doing pretty good.

I have some new support initiatives that I explain during the show Amazon Business, Amazon Offers and my health supplement recommendation page which will continue to expand and I will do some videos on how I use my supplements and in what order.

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TV pilot produced by Channing Tatum looking for extras in Cleveland

Channel 10 news - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 23:45

Get ready for your close up.

A potential pilot shot in Cleveland for a TV show produced by Channing Tatum is in need of 500 extras.

According to WOIO, the show called "College" is a young adult series focusing on the dramas of life on college campus. It will be filmed in Cleveland from Sept. 29 through Oct. 14.

The extras are needed for several campus and beach-themed party scenes.

No previous acting experience is required, but all participants must be 18 years or older.

Anyone interested in the gig must submit a recent photo, contact information, and availability to collegeextras2018@gmail.com.

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Statewide program helps women in county government

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
A series of roundtable discussions was hosted Monday by the NYSAC (New York State Association of Counties) Women's Leadership Council, a statewide program focused specifically on providing support to women in county government. NYSAC is holding its fall seminar in Rochester this week.
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Man sentenced for running major marijuana-smuggling ring

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) Federal prosecutors say a Canadian man has been sentenced for being part of a marijuana-smuggling ring that brought thousands of pounds of pot in to the United States through northern New York.
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Fort Ticonderoga ferry wraps up season early

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
SHOREHAM, Vt. (AP) The owners of the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry say it has made its final run of the season.
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Police: Robbery suspect dies in wrong-way crash on Northway

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
SCHROON, N.Y. (AP) New York State Police say the driver killed in a weekend crash on the Adirondack Northway was a suspect in an armed robbery who was driving the wrong way while trying to elude troopers.
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For rural veterans, accessing VA care can mean hours spent in the car

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
Approximately 5 million veterans live in rural America, and almost 60 percent of them rely on VA healthcare. But accessing that care can be a challenge: the nearest VA hospital could be hours away, and public transportation is sparse.
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Authors: Keely Hutton, "Soldier Boy"

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
The North Country may be a long way from Uganda in West Africa but when a Canton native met a man who survived two and a half years as a child soldier in the Ugandan Civil War, she knew she had to help him tell his story. Keely Hutton is the author of "Soldier Boy," which is based on the life of Ricky Richard Anywar, who at age 14 was forced to fight in the guerilla army of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. Years after escaping, Ricky founded the charity Friends of Orphans and has dedicated his life to assisting in the rehabilitation of other child soldiers. Ricky is a recipient of the Harriet Tubman Freedom Award and previously visited SUNY Canton in 2008 to tell his story of childhood slavery.
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North Country at Work: Meet Augustinian Academy's first layperson principal, Mary Ann Margrey

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
Mary Ann Margrey grew up in Carthage, and while she didn’t attend Augustinian Academy, she attended religion class there each week. She also knew from the age of five that she wanted to be a teacher; she used to set up school settings and play teacher to her siblings. So it’s not too much of a surprise that in 2017, she became the private Catholic school’s first ever layperson to be principal.
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Researchers want study participants. Americans want to participate. But neither can find the other

North Country Public Radio - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 22:00
Most American adults are worried they’ll develop Alzheimer’s, but they’re also optimistic that there will be a cure for the disease in their lifetimes, according to survey results released Monday. The nationwide survey, conducted by Harris polling on behalf of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Amgen, also showed that most American adults want to participate in medical research.
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Columbus passes rules for mobility devices, scooters

Channel 10 news - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 19:09

They've been called different things: Convenient, a nuisance, an eye sore, a transportation dream.

Monday, Columbus City Council established new rules when it comes to scooters around the city.

"The legislation attempts to legislate E-bikes as well as E-scooters," Tom Bennett said as he addressed council.

Bennett owns Orbit City Bikes. He sells E-bikes. He says the attention around scooters has caused council to inadvertently roll E-bikes into that equation.

"I don't think there's a problem with the scooters, properly regulated," he said. "Just everything got put to a head because of the scooter companies."

He says that's not fair for E-bikes, because they should be classified with bicycles.

The legislation passed Monday evening, and it's set to take effect in about 30 days, pending Mayor Andrew Ginther's signature. At that time, scooters will have to be ridden on the streets, or bike paths, at 35 miles per hour or less. They also cannot be parked on a sidewalk if it gets in the way of foot traffic.

City Council member Emmanuel Remy says if scooters are in the way, people should call the number on the scooter to have the business come and move them, which has a timetable of two hours.

"I think sometimes with new technology there is a learning curve and so we've established a guideline for them to follow," Remy said.

Monday's vote comes after extensive research and looking at other municipalities to see what worked and what didn't when it comes to scooters.

"It's a beginning," Frank Williams said. "It's a beginning. I think it's a good start."

Williams is an administrator with the city's Division of Infrastructure Management. He says it's about balancing common sense and growing technology.

"They told me don't worry about it," Bennett said. "But, it's in the law now, so someone commuting could really get stopped and given a ticket for being on a 45 mph road."

The city says it is willing to revisit this issue down the road.

"We're more than willing to look at individual types of devices," Remy said. "To see if we've got it right."

Another factor is House Bill 250, which is making its way through the State House, that deals with the classification of certain vehicles. If passed, Council member Remy and Williams say it's possible the issue will have to be revisited.

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Kavanaugh says he won't let 'false accusations' push him out

Channel 10 news - Mon, 09/24/2018 - 18:44

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh declared in a televised interview Monday that he never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or at any other time in his life.

Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley, sat down for an interview with Fox News Channel's "The Story with Martha MacCallum" after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct.

Christine Blasey Ford has accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers. Kavanaugh denied he was "at any such party." He said he did not question that perhaps Ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted, "but what I know is I've never sexually assaulted anyone."

Kavanaugh said it's possible he may have met Ford at some time, but he said they were not friends and did not travel in the same social circles. He said he did not remember being at a party with her.

"I was not at the party described," Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh was asked if there was any chance Ford misunderstood an exchange between them.

"I have never had any sexual or physical activity with Dr. Ford," Kavanaugh said. "I've never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise."

The second woman, Deborah Ramirez, has accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a Yale dormitory party, putting his penis in her face and causing her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.

Kavanaugh said Monday, "I never did any such thing."

"If such a thing had happened, it would have been the talk of campus," Kavanaugh said.

It's rare for nominees to the Supreme Court to give interviews. Russell Wheeler, an expert on the judicial selection process at the Brookings Institution, said he is unaware of a similar media interview by a Supreme Court nominee in the past 100 years.

But there's nothing ordinary about the stakes and circumstances of Kavanaugh's nomination, with Republicans fighting to get him on the court by the end of September and cement a conservative-leaning court for years to come.

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say they are determined to get Kavanaugh on the court, calling the allegations against him false and politically motivated. Kavanaugh was defiant as well.

"I'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process," Kavanaugh said.

Democrats have accused Republicans of not conducting a thorough review in their rush to get Kavanaugh confirmed. They want the FBI to reopen its background investigation of Kavanaugh and look into the allegations against him.

Ford and Kavanaugh are set to testify Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In the Fox interview Kavanaugh got a taste of the personal questions he'll face from senators. MacCallum asked him how long he was a virgin in college, after he volunteered that he never had sex in high school.

"Many years after. I'll leave it at that," Kavanaugh said.

Ashley Kavanaugh was asked whether she wondered if her husband was telling the truth about the allegations against him. "No, I know Brett. I've known him for 17 years," she said, adding: "I know his heart. This is not consistent with Brett."

Kavanaugh appeared to get emotional at the end of the interview. He said Trump called him in the afternoon to show his support.

"I know he's going to stand by me," Kavanaugh said.

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