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Face The State with Scott Light | December 10, 2017

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 13:33

This week on Face The State with Scott Light:

  • Ohio's Gubernatorial Race - There is a new name for the democrats. Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Chief Richard Cordray threw his hat into the ring last week. What will the new name mean for primary season?
  • Senate Tax Plan - Scott talked with Sen. Rob Portman about the impacts the plan could have on every Ohioan. Our panel looks at the talking points.
  • In the spotlight - Mental Health in America

Guests this week:

  • Strategist Michael Hartley
  • Strategist/ Former State Rep. Tracy Maxwell Heard
  • Jackie Borchardt with the Cleveland Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com
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Excedrin completes Browns' 'perfect' season fundraising

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 12:49

The aspirin maker Excedrin has kicked in over $7,000 to complete a fundraising effort to pay for a parade should the hapless Cleveland Browns finish the season with a "perfect" winless record.

Cleveland sports fan Chris McNeil created a GoFundMe account in late October to raise $10,000 to pay for a Jan. 6 parade celebrating a Browns 0-16 season, which has occurred just once in NFL history.

New Jersey-based GSK Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturer of Excedrin, said Thursday it would kick in $7,683 to complete the effort because the company wants Browns fans to know "we understand their pain."

The Browns are 0-12 with four games remaining.

McNeil has said donations will be given to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank should the Browns actually win a game.

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21-year-old gunman disguised himself as student in New Mexico high school shooting

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 12:33

A 21-year-old gunman who disguised himself as a student to get into a New Mexico high school where he killed two students had caught the attention of U.S. investigators more than a year ago, authorities said Friday.

William Atchison, a former student at small-town Aztec High School, had legally purchased a handgun at a local store a month ago and planned the attack, authorities said. He left a message on a thumb drive found on his body that detailed his plan to wait until the students got off buses and made their way to class.

He walked into the school with them and went into a second-floor bathroom to "gear up." Atchison's plan was to shoot up a classroom and then kill himself.

"Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks. I just want out of this (expletive)," he wrote.

More lives could have been lost had Francisco I. Fernandez not walked into the bathroom, authorities said. That's when the gunman shot Fernandez. Atchison walked out into the hallway and encountered the second victim, Casey J. Marquez, and killed her.

The gunman then walked up and down the hall, firing randomly, before killing himself, authorities said.

"This is an act of cowardice," San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said.

Authorities said the shooter did not have a criminal record, much less a traffic ticket. The only contact with law enforcement was what they described as a generic message on an online gaming forum in 2016 in which he talked about what weapons might be used in a mass shooting.

The FBI said the posting was flagged and investigators talked with the gunman at his home in Aztec, where he lives with his parents. At the time, he did not own any weapons other than an airsoft pellet gun and said he had no plans for an attack and just liked to troll sites online.

The shooting has rocked Aztec, a community of about 6,500 near the Colorado border. Hundreds gathered for prayer services and candlelight vigils and more gatherings are planned over the weekend as residents look for answers.

State Police Pete Kassetas said the two victims were not specific targets. Marquez was a cheerleader and was planning to participate in the upcoming Orange Bowl. Her classmates said she came across as a student leader.

Bryn Divine, a senior at Aztec High School, remembered the victim being a vibrant and friendly student who often won dance contests at school events.

"She lit up pretty much any room we were all in," Divine said. "She was such a fun person to be around."

Fernandez was known for his speedy typing and interest in computers. His family has said he had a bright future ahead of him.

Gov. Susana Martinez said she has met with the teens' families and they talked about what great kids they were. Both of them also had jobs.

Martinez said the families are broken but are pulling together.

"I don't think anyone ever gets over this," she said.

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DeWine warns of legal action in letter to Crew SC owner

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 12:19

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has sent a letter to the owner of the Columbus Crew SC regarding possible legal action over the team's potential move.

On Thursday, DeWine confirmed a law passed after Art Modell moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore would apply to a potential move of the MLS franchise.

In the letter sent to the team's owner, Anthony Precourt, DeWine outlines the law in question which prohibits professional sports teams from moving if they use facilities supported by taxpayers or public money and do not provide six months of advance notice and they do not allow the city or the people who live near the facility an opportunity to buy the team.

"The facts reflect that this law applies to the Crew, and my office will enforce its provisions if and as necessary."

You can read DeWine's letter to Precourt below.

Dear Mr. Precourt:

The Columbus Crew is a valued part of the central Ohio community, and I join with those asking you to keep the Crew in Columbus. However, in light of continued accounts that you are “exploring … potentially relocating the Club to the city of Austin, Texas,” I write to reiterate your obligations under Ohio law.

In 1996, following the relocation of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, the General Assembly enacted Ohio Revised Code §9.67. That statute states:

No owner of a professional sports team that uses a tax-supported facility for most of its home games and receives financial assistance from the state or a political subdivision thereof shall cease playing most of its home games at the facility and begin playing most of its home games elsewhere unless the owner either:

(A) Enters into an agreement with the political subdivision permitting the team to play most of its home games elsewhere;

(B) Gives the political subdivision in which the facility is located not less than six months' advance notice of the owner's intention to cease playing most of its home games at the facility and, during the six months after such notice, gives the political subdivision or any individual or group of individuals who reside in the area the opportunity to purchase the team.

The facts reflect that this law applies to the Crew, and my office will enforce its provisions if and as necessary.

Our hope is that Precourt Sports Ventures will reaffirm a commitment to playing its home games in Columbus. Should you decide otherwise, I remind you that you will need to follow the terms of R.C. §9.67 and that my office is prepared to take the necessary legal action under this law to protect the interests of the State of Ohio.

Very respectfully yours,

Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General

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9 students, Marysville bus driver injured in crash involving semi

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 11:53

MANSFIELD - The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a crash involving a school bus and a semi in Richland County.

According to a press release, the crash occurred shortly after 1 p.m. Friday on I-71 at mile marker 176 southbound, just south of U.S. 30.

The bus driver and nine students were taken to an area hospital and were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The bus was carrying 45 high school students and three adults when it was rear-ended by the semi driven by Jean Braeckel, 55 of Ontario, Canada.

The remaining students were transported to an alternate location while they awaited school transportation.

Braeckel was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance. The right lane of I-71 was closed at the time of the crash.

Stay with 10TV and 10TV.com on this developing story.

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U.S. flu season off to an early start; widespread in 7 states

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 11:16

NEW YORK — This year's flu season is off to a quick start and so far it seems to be dominated by a nasty bug.

Health officials say the flu vaccine seems well matched to the viruses making people sick, but it's too early to tell how bad this season will be. The main flu bug this season tends to cause more deaths and hospitalizations and vaccines tend not to work as well against this type.

Flu began picking up last month. By the end of last week, seven states reported widespread flu activity: Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Most flu seasons don't really get going until around Christmas. That's how last year's flu season played out.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the latest data Friday.

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Coroner's report: Franklin County inmate died from fentanyl intoxication

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 10:42

COLUMBUS -- A coroner's report says a Franklin County inmate who was rushed to hospital in early October died from fentanyl intoxication, according to records obtained Friday by 10 Investigates.

Twenty-nine-year-old Brent Gibney had both fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl in his system, according to the autopsy report.

Now, his parents want to know how it got in his system.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the incident. A spokesman did not respond to requests for comment Friday afternoon.

A department spokesman previously told 10 Investigates that Gibney was found unresponsive in his cell October 1 and transported to Grant Medical Center where he died three days later. But Brent's mother, Debbie Gibney, tells 10 Investigates she and her husband have concerns over Brent's care.

"I immediately called the detective and said 'how did this happen?' and he was polite but I was basically told we are at a standstill until they get the information themselves in the report," Debbie Gibney told 10 Investigates. "I want to know how this could possibly get to him in there. He had been in there seven months... we are just so angry that this could even reach him in there."

A copy of the offense report provided to 10 Investigates shows that Brent Gibney was found in his cell with an "unknown white powder."

Medical records provided to 10 Investigates show that Gibney had 53.5 ng/ml of fentanyl in his urine along with 20.6 ng/ml of norfentanyl in his urine, which was collected on October 2, two days before he died.

10 Investigates has filed open records requests with the Franklin County Sheriff's department, but the department has declined to provide any documents while the investigation is still pending.

Brent's father posted a video to Facebook Tuesday morning saying he knows his son had struggled with opioid addiction but thought he would kick his habit in jail.

He expressed disappointment with the Franklin County Jail.

A jail spokeswoman said Tuesday the investigation into the incident is still an open investigation.

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10TV meteorologist Chris Bradley moving out of ICU at the James

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 10:38

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- 10TV chief meteorologist Chris Bradley will be moving out of the Intensive Care Unit at The Ohio State University James Cancer Center, his family says.

Chris will be transitioning to a step-down unit after he was admitted to the ICU for pneumonia shortly after learning he was no longer in remission in late November.

He was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year and also underwent a stem cell transplant.

Chris’ family shared the update on his condition Thursday and said, “Even with everything going on, [he] still has a smile and a thumbs-up for those around him.”

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2 sobriety checkpoints planned tonight in Westerville

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 10:05

WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- The Franklin County DUI Task Force will hold two sobriety checkpoints tonight in Westerville to combat impaired driving.

The first location is on Sunbury Road south of County Line Road and the second checkpoint will be located on Schrock Road east of Cooper Road.

Both checkpoints will run from 7:30 p.m. until midnight.

The Franklin County DUI Task Force also announced that they will be operating saturation patrols starting Friday and going through the New Year weekend.

The task force says it wants to impress upon those who will be consuming alcohol to plan for a designated driver or make other arrangements.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Why are the locations and times of a sobriety checkpoint released?

Guidelines issued by the NHTSA instruct law enforcement to “aggressively” publicize the locations.

The goal, according to the NHTSA, is to not only to deter impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel, but also to assure the protection of constitutional rights for both police and the public.

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Ohio wildlife officials seek deer with head stuck in candy bucket

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 07:59

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio — Ohio wildlife officials say a deer with its head trapped in a plastic Halloween candy bucket has been spotted by residents of Upper Arlington.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife has advised the public not to try to trap the animal seen in Upper Arlington last weekend and again Thursday morning.

The Columbus Dispatch reports officials say social media postings suggest some people may try to trap the deer themselves to rescue it. But officials warn the deer could injure someone.

Department spokesman Matt Eiselstein says they hope the deer will be able to get the bucket off its head on its own or slow down enough for wildlife personnel to approach the animal and help it.

Anyone spotting the deer should call Upper Arlington police.

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O'Neill says he's leaving state's high court in January

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 07:48
Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill says he will leave the court late next month after previously affirming that he plans to remain a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary race.

O'Neill has told The Associated Press that he informed Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor on Friday morning that Jan. 26 will be his final day on the high court. The candidate-filing deadline for the gubernatorial primary is Feb. 7.

O'Neill's statements about his candidacy and retirement have come amid efforts by the Republican-controlled Legislature to oust him from the court.

Lawmakers have said O'Neill is violating the Judicial Code of Conduct by running for another office while remaining on the bench. O'Neill argues he won't be a candidate for purposes of the rule until he files the paperwork.
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Runaway teenager from Muskingum County

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 06:49

MUSKINGUM COUNTY - The Muskingum County Sheriff is investigating an at-risk runaway teenager.

Kaylee Butler, 16, was last seen east of Zanesville, Ohio on December 3.

Butler is described as 5'2" and weighs 125 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Authorities say she is from Columbus but lives in Zanesville and believed to be back in the Columbus area.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Butler is asked to contact Detective Mike Ryan with the Muskingum Sheriff's Office at 740-452-3637, extension 1 or your local police department.
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Some panic as wintry mix threatens South

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 06:43

ATLANTA — Snow was falling across parts of the Deep South early Friday, causing Southerners to panic and rush toward the grocery store even as forecasters predicted any accumulations would melt quickly.

The forecast called for a mix of rain and snow across several Deep South states. Parts of Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi reported snow flurries before dawn. In Georgia, at least a dozen school systems closed ahead of the wintry weather.

"It's the first snow of the season and anytime you even mention snow in the South, you're going to get people a little panicky," said David Nadler, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service's office south of Atlanta.

Forecasters said ground temperatures were warm enough that the storm should bring only a fleeting brush with winter. Still, the threat of even a half inch (12 millimeters) of snow was cause for alarm in a region that doesn't see regular snowfall.

The National Weather Service said a half inch to an inch (12-25 millimeters) of snow is forecast across many areas of the South by Friday night. Winter weather advisories have been posted for parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. The advisories were issued for cities including Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; and Birmingham, Alabama.

Weather service meteorologist Kent McMullen said the first reports of snow came in the north Georgia mountains. Snow also was reported falling early Friday in the suburbs north of Atlanta, with drizzle reported in other parts of the state.

In Atlanta, the streets were wet before daybreak as the morning commute began, but temperatures remained in the 40s well above freezing. The forecast called for rain and snow most of the day, changing to snow on Friday night.

"There's a lot of uncertainty right now" about just where the snow could fall and in what amounts, Nadler cautioned.

Forecasters said the biggest chance for snow was along the Interstate 85 corridor from Alabama crossing Georgia through Atlanta and into South Carolina once the temperature begins falling. Temperatures by sundown Thursday had already begun to dip in Atlanta, where tailgating football fans shivered and huddled around small barbeque grills atop downtown parking decks before a night game between the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and the visiting New Orleans Saints.

For Friday, Nadler said, temperatures in the Atlanta area were expected to range from 35-40 degrees (1-4 Celsius) Friday morning with little fluctuation the rest of the day.

"We're not expecting temperatures to drop below freezing until sometime Friday evening," Nadler said.

The weather service says accumulations of up to 2 inches (51 millimeters)are expected in west Georgia northeast to the mountains, with 3 inches (76 millimeters) to 4 inches (102 millimeters) possible in higher elevations.

The weather service warned that black ice was possible on roads Saturday morning with low temperatures of 20 degrees (-6. Celsius) to the lower 30s.

Highs are expected to reach the 40s by Saturday afternoon with mostly sunny skies.

Georgia road crews took no chances ahead of Friday's morning rush hour and pre-treated bridges and overpasses late Thursday with a briny water-and-salt mix against any snow or ice.

Bill Shelton, road maintenance director in suburban Cobb County, northwest of Atlanta, said the brine could be used on roads 48 hours ahead of any precipitation.

"The cost to do the whole county, every bridge, and overpass, is probably $100 worth of salt," he said Thursday. "It is worth it to be proactive and keep our roads safe for the traveling public."

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Firefighters battle massive fire at Chillicothe business

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 05:25

CHILLICOTHE -- Firefighters battled a massive fire at a business in Chillicothe early Friday morning.

Firefighters and police could not immediately respond to 10TV's calls early Friday, but our partners at the Chillicothe Gazette report the fire was happening at Water and Mulberry Streets at a tanning salon called Bronze By The Bricks.

The paper says people were asked to avoid the area.

Bronze By The Bricks was once Sunshine Tanning before the business was sold.

Stay with 10TV and 10TV.com for the latest on this developing story.

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Report: Columbus one of top 10 markets on the move for 2018

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 05:12

COLUMBUS -- The city of Columbus is one of the top 10 markets on the move for 2018.

That's according to real-estate experts at Trulia.

They listed Columbus as no. 8. Essentially, this means the Capital City will be one of the top markets to watch when millennials look to buy homes next year.

The survey is based on job growth, affordability as well as population under the age of 35.

Which markets top the list?

  1. Grand Rapids, Mich.
  2. Nashville, Tenn.
  3. Raleigh, N.C.
  4. El Paso, Texas
  5. San Antonio, Texas
  6. Fort Worth, Texas
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. Columbus, Ohio
  9. Madison, Wis.
  10. Cincinnati, Ohio

You can read the full report here.

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Musicians earning the biggest bank

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 04:25

A man with many names tops the Forbes list of highest paid musicians.

Sean “Diddy,” “P. Diddy,” “Puff Daddy” Combs brought in $130 million between June 2016 and June 2017. His Bad Boy Reunion Tour, Ciroc vodka deal and the sale of one-third of his Sean John clothing line helped him reach that total.

Beyoncé comes in second on the list. She raked in $105 million. Queen Bey’s Formation World Tour gave her income a boost.

And rounding out the top three is Drake. Most of his $94 million earnings came from his Boy Meets World Tour.

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"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" trailer released

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 01:44

The dinosaurs can't be stopped in the trailer for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," which was released during Thursday Night Football.

"These creatures were here before us and if we're not careful, they're going to be here after," Jeff Goldblum warns in the trailer. "Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life finds a way."

Watch the @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom trailer now! Life finds a way June 22. pic.twitter.com/UDU0MFIsIb

— Jurassic World (@JurassicWorld) December 8, 2017

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard both take center stage in the trailer. They were featured running from the dinosaurs in the teaser trailer released Sunday.

Pratt gets the ultimate movie tease when he asks "What could go wrong?" The trailer teases plenty of thrills to find out -- including rolling off a cliff. And the appearance of Goldblum -- who starred in the original "Jurassic Park" -- and more clues indicated lots of callbacks to the original film.

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is set to be released June 22, 2018. It is directed by J.A. Bayona, and written by "Jurassic World" writer Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

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Solar eclipse damage to woman's eye revealed in striking images

Channel 10 news - Fri, 12/08/2017 - 00:43

Using a new type of imaging, doctors were able to peer into the eyes of a young woman and see — on the cellular level — the type of damage that occurs from looking directly at the sun during an eclipse.

The woman, who is in her 20s, damaged her eyes during the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, according to a new report of her case, published today in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.

In the woman's case, she told doctors that during the eclipse, she looked at the sun for approximately 6 seconds several different times without protective eyewear, and then again for15 to 20 seconds with a pair of eclipse glasses, according to the case report. She also said she viewed the solar eclipse with both eyes open.

But the woman was not in the path of totality during the eclipse (during totality it is safe to look at the sun without eye protection), and the sun was only 70 percent obscured during the peak of the eclipse in the area that the woman viewed the event. That meant the sun's bright light was still visible and damaging to the eyes.

Four hours after watching the eclipse, the woman said she had blurred vision, a type of distorted vision called metamorphopsia, and color distortion. The symptoms were worse in her left eye, in which she also reported seeing a central black spot, according to the report.

However, it wasn't until three days later that she went to the doctor, who found that she had a condition called solar retinopathy — a rare form of retinal injury that results from direct sungazing, the report said.
Looking into the eyes

Because total solar eclipses are rare, doctors don't often see patients with solar retinopathy, and when they have in the past, they didn't have the same imaging tools available to use.

"We have never seen the cellular damage from an eclipse because this event rarely happens and we haven't had this type of advanced technology to examine solar retinopathy until recently," lead author Dr. Avnish Deobhakta, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, said in a statement.

The new technology, called adaptive optics, allows doctors and researchers "to get an exact look at this retinal damage on such a precise level will help clinicians better understand the condition."

Solar retinopathy occurs when bright light from the sun damages the retina, causing blurry vision or a blind spot in one or both eyes. However, the damage is often painless and a person generally will not experience these symptoms immediately after looking directly at the intense light of the sun.

After examining the woman, the doctors determined she had burned holes in both of her retinas. She also had photochemical burns in her eyes, according to the report.

Adaptive optics allows doctors to examine the microscopic structures of a patient's eye with extreme detail in real time, the report said. Using the technique, the researchers obtained high-resolution images of the damaged photoreceptors in the woman's eyes. (Photoreceptors are the light-sensitive rods and cones of the eye's retina.)

The images showed no significant vision damage to the right eye, but revealed a yellow-white spot in the left eye. The images also showed multiple areas of decreased sensitivity and a central scotoma, or blind spot, in the left eye, according to the report.

The researchers said in the statement they hope the images will help provide a better understanding of solar retinopathy, which currently cannot be treated.

In addition, the report "can prepare doctors and patients for the next eclipse in 2024, and make them more informed of the risks of directly viewing the sun without protective eyewear," lead author Dr. Chris Wu, a resident physician at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, said in the statement.

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On anniversary of John Glenn's death, organizers request funds for statue

Channel 10 news - Thu, 12/07/2017 - 23:01
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Organizers of a sculpture effort to honor the late John Glenn are banking on Ohio's love of the famous astronaut to try to attract some state funding.

A New York graduate student championing creation of the statue says he's preparing a request for about $20,000 in state funding toward estimated project costs of between $175,000 and $200,000. Capital budget requests are due Jan. 3.

The sculpture would be placed outside the John Glenn Post Office in Glenn's birthplace of Cambridge, roughly 80 miles (129 kilometers) east of Columbus.

The first American to orbit Earth died a year ago Friday at age 95. His death drew thousands of mourners to the Ohio Statehouse, where he lay in repose for a longer period than assassinated President Abraham Lincoln and others in history.
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Cleveland Browns name John Dorsey as new general manager

Channel 10 news - Thu, 12/07/2017 - 19:24

CLEVELAND, Ohio – On the same day the Cleveland Browns parted ways with vice president of football operations Sashi Brown, they have announced they have a new general manager.

Stepping into the role is former GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, John Dorsey.

In a statement released through the team Dorsey said, ““Football is what I know, it is what I love, it is what I have worked my whole career at and I thrive on every element that goes into building a winning football team.”

“I have spent a majority of my football life with two franchises that also have storied history and I think I have a feel for the mentality of the fans in Cleveland and what it would mean to recreate the success this franchise once had. “

Dorsey played for the Green Bay Packers for six years as a linebacker before working in various NFL player personnel positions for 26 years.

While GM of the Chiefs from 2013-2016, the team went 43-21.

Before that, Dorsey also worked in the Packers’ scouting department. He helped with draft picks such as Aaron Rodgers, former Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk, and all-pro linebacker Clay Matthews.

Browns name John Dorsey General Manager

Details » https://t.co/JUmJn98HAJ pic.twitter.com/WyIRp7oyeY

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) December 8, 2017
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