KeePass Password Safe

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KeePass is a useful application to keep track of website addresses, user-names, and passwords. This application makes it easy peasy to use different complex passwords for websites requiring accounts such as web based email, banking, blogging, and other sites.

Reasons for using different complex passwords for websites:

Imagine if you were one of the people effected by any of the data breaches mentioned above. Best case scenario is since you use different complex passwords for all your accounts, you just have to change your password for the account that got compromised. Worst case scenario is since you use the same password for all your on-line accounts and some even the same user name, now you have to go to each website and change your password. This can be very time consuming and also opens yourself up for unknown or unexpected problems later. Did someone log into your web based email account and change the settings to allow them to also receive your email on their email client? if so, then they would have a copy of every password change conformation sent to you. This would give them a list of other accounts you have and it would make it easier for the bad person to change the passwords or brute force guess your new password to those accounts if you don't change your e-mail account password first.
You can learn more about out KeePass at, and Lastpass at