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The summer is winding down, soon there will be the hum of tractors and combines harvesting corn and soybeans in the fields by the house. Today we saw a plane spraying the corn fields by the house. That was pretty neat to watch. From a distance the plane would disappear below the treeline to re-emerge in a different spot heading above the treeline.

The summer started off with a long weekend trip to North Carolina to visit some family (Jane and the girls) and to go to the South East Linux Fest. A few weeks after that we headed to Upstate NY for a week. We experienced the fireworks at Hinckley Reservoir, got to visit with family, and we got to show my father in law around Forestort! We were fortunate to get to enjoy a day out on the big island. Despite all the rain they had been getting the river was low enough to wade out to it. I drove my father inlaw up to North Lake to visit Miche and Earl while they were camping there that week.

We had an uneventful return trip to Ohio. We headed over to uncle Bill’s for a family campout and the next day to the Young family reunion in Bakersville. From there we headed to Camp Wanake where Jackson spent his first week away at summer camp. He went to their Vroom bike camp. He had a lot of fun and was sad to leave his new camp friends on Friday. Nathan went to a 2-day 1-night explorer camp there later the same week. Jean got to spend a few days at the farmhouse where she grew up. She enjoyed paling around with her dad in “Amish Country” and remembering family that were around when she was growing up. When the boys and Jean returned back home, her brother from Kansas stopped in on his way to North Carolina to take his daughters back to their mom’s place. He was up Friday evening, Saturday, and left Sunday. We enjoyed meeting his new significant other and her son. Saturday night was spent sitting around a fire talking, and roasting marshmallows.