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Winter Weather

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The Boys in the snow

We have had a colder than usual winter here in Ohio. In Dec we had an "Polar Vortex" come our way which made the temperatures below zero. Last wek we had temperatures below zero and tomorrow night they are calling for it to be -14 F. We have also had some snow and wind with it. With that said, school was closed on Thursday, Friday, and now tomorrow on Monday. I expect it to be at least delayed by 2 hours if not closed Tuesday and Wed as well.
I have been enjoying the cold weather and the snow. It is more like what I would call a "normal" winter I had growing up in Upstate NY, of course New yorkers would still be calling it "mild" especially the snow accumulation on the ground is under a foot (not counting snow drifts). The boys have been enjoying the snow. They were outside playing in it yesterday. They discovered a snow drift that was about 21" deep. They had a blast. I hope this winter is something they will be able to talk about for many years to come.