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I have successfully passed my  amateur radio Technician license and received my call sign. I have been exploring 2 meter repeaters. I am able to hit the Marysville repeater from my house. This has pretty good coverage throughout the county. I was also able to hit the 146.76 repeater in Columbus from Dublin with my hand-held radio.  I got to talk to my friend Joel (W3RAZ) on the "7-6 machine". I have been enjoying it so far. 
There is an informal group of hams that meet for breakfast one Saturday a month from the union county area. I got to meet them for breakfast on Saturday at Goodies and More restaurant. It was pretty neat. Jackson and Nathan was with me too. They got a little bored after they ate with the conversation that was going on. I would have stayed longer but we had to go to the library to try to make an Easter egg hunt that was wrapping up by teh time we arrived. We ended up walking around Marysvile, up Main street to the Post Office and back to the Library. It was a good morning for a walk in town.